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Customers Reviews

  • Beautiful, let's do it. Thanks

    Dr T
    The Colony, TX
  • Looks great.

    San Jose, CA
  • Came out great. Thanks for the heads up about spraying surface before placing. No bubbles 🤙🏻

    Commack, NY
  • Looks awesome on my car, thanks.

    Toronto, ON
  • Turned out great - thanks!

    Kirkland, WA
  • Looks, great!

    Santa Barbara, CA
  • Hi Andy. I received the plate and it turned out GREAT!
    Thank you for your assistance.

    Woodway, WA
  • Got the plates and they look great.
    Much appreciated.
    Thank you,

    Blooklyn, NY
  • Thank you. I have told a few people about you and they are going to get some for their cars and trucks. Will highly recommend you to others.

    Grimsby, ON
  • I received the vinyl plate for my car today and it looks awesome!
    Thank you so much.

    Sagle, ID
  • Received today. Looks great. Thanks!

    North Vancouver, BC
  • Thank you very much Andy,
    A pleasure doing business with you!

    London, ON
  • Just some feedback on my order. Got it a few days ago and this morning went to the garage that installed the PPF. They installed the sticker. It looks great! You have a good product there, congratulations!
    Pleasure doing business with you,
    Take care,

    Vancouver, BC


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  • Do you do green plates for Ontario's electric vehicles?

    Yes, we can do any kind of stickers. Just mention it or simply attach the photo of the original in your order form.

  • What info do you need besides the alphanumerical info? Do you need an image of the plate as well?

    It would be nice to have a photo of the plate if you can provide. Please send it to In this case the replica graphics will be identical to the original.

  • What material are the replicas made from?

    We use high-quality flexible adhesive vinyl with reflective metallic surface and graphics printed with UV ink.

  • How does once remove the plate sticker if you sell the car? How difficult is it to remove the sticker off my car?

    The sticker can be easily removed after pouring hot water on it.

  • Can I order smaller size sticker?

    Yes, we do custom size replicas too. Any size equal or smaller than 12"x6" is possible. You may do a custom order here.

  • Is it hard to attach the sticker?

    It's very simple and takes a minute or two. Just some tips that might help you:
    1) The surface should be clean of dirt or oil
    2) Non-windy environment to avoid accidental sticks
    3) The surface should not be very hot or cold
    3) Careful applying to the surface
    4) Repositioning or re-applying is not possible.

  • It didn't sticked well and has wrinkles and bubbles.

    Sorry, we are not responsible for wrong installations. However due to our policy you are eligible for a free reprint. The charges only apply on shipping ($25). Also you may consult a car wrap/tint specialist to help you.

  • Are these the exact size of the original plates? Will the adhesive hurt the paint finish?

    The size is the standard 12"x6" but we can print also custom replicas of any smaller size. The adhesive doesn't leave any residue after removal and doesn't do any damage to the painted surface.

  • How much for plate and shipping in total?

    When you make an order it will show you the final price.

  • Are your stickers reflective? Due to laser usage around Massachusetts I'd prefer if they were not.

    Yes, the vinyl has reflective surface, however if you need we can cover it first with layer of white ink.

  • Can you do a custom black and gold california plate?

    Yes, we can do black and gold California plates too. Just visit our US website and mention it in your order form.

  • Does your product replicate the stickers for the tabs which are already affixed to the plate?

    We can replicate the attached sticker too. But you should keep an original with you in a car.

  • How removable are these? I may change my plate designation in 6 months or so.

    The vinyl can be easily peeled off if hot water applied on it.

  • BC has several plate designs can you preview plate before purchase?

    It would be nice to have a photo of the plate if you can provide. During the order you'll see an option to upload an image. In this case the replica graphics will be identical to the original. If you don't have a photo we will send a mockup of the plate to your email and then after receiving your approval we will print and ship it.

  • Does it look and feel real? Same quality as the real one or different?

    It’s not metal but adhesive vinyl with reflective coating. And it doesn't have embossed letter, simply flat.

  • Is it legal?

    There is no such law that determines that non-standard vinyl licence plate replica are illegal. Therefore, you should not be in any legal trouble for using a non-standard vinyl licence plate replica.

  • Can I pick it up from your location and save on shipping?

    Sorry, we only accept orders online and ship to a customer.